Tomshoo or Toaks

Titanium 750ml w/Bail Handle Cook Kits

Toaks 700ml w/handle & Ti pot support

Made in the U.S.A

Kit Prices Starting at $99.95 Plus $7.00 shipping and Handling. See Sizes for details.

For International Orders please use the Contact Us form on our Home Page and we will send you an invoice for the products requested.

Burner Style Options

Kits include one of the following pots with a ridge-line added for strength:

-Tomshoo 750ml Titanium pot w/bail handle

-Toaks 750ml Titanium pot w/bail handle

The kits also include: 

-A titanium pot support

-A titanium cone style windscreen

-Your choice of a Starlyte Burner or Modified Starlyte Burner

-A mesh stuff sack

-A 1oz medicine style plastic measuring cup.

The Tomshoo kit also includes a 2 once fuel bottle with flip spout.