Toaks 550ml, 650ML, 700ML & 750ML Cook KIts with Modified Starlyte/Starlyte Stove

Toaks 550ml w/handle & Starlyte Stove

Made in the U.S.A

Kit Prices Starting at $87.95 Plus $7.00 Shipping and Handling. See Sizes for details.

For International Orders please use the Contact Us form on our Home Page and we will send you an invoice for the products requested.

Stove Options
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Kits include one of the following pots with a ridge-line added for strength:

-Toaks 550ml Titanium pot w/out handle SOLD OUT (please send us a message through our "Contact Us" form on our Home Page, if you would like to be added to a list to be notified in the future. Expected In Stock date won't be for another few months.)

-Toaks Ultralight 550ml Titanium pot w/handle (Modified Starlyte Stove recommended)

-Toaks Light 650ml pot w/handle (Modified Starlyte Stove recommended)

-Toaks Light 700ml pot w/handle (Starlyte Stove recommended)

-Toaks Light 750ml pot w/bail handle (Starlyte Stove recommended)

Kits also include:

-Your choice of a Starlyte Stove or Modified Starlyte Stove-You can choose any stove you wish, but the recommended stove is listed next to pot sizes above.

-A titanium cone windscreen

-A mesh stuff sack-

-A 1oz medicine style plastic measuring cup

Introductory Offer and while supplies last:

-Sliding top tray for burning Esbit. Keeps residue contained while burning.

-3 Esbit tablets. 

Note:Slide top tray not intended for storage of new Esbit tablets. Can be used to store remaining melted tablet when the tablet has been melted enough to fit inside the tray.

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