The "Titanium Titan-3" Cook Kit The ultimate 3 fuel cook kit.

Choice of 1 Foster Pot

a. 2 cup wide mouth, aluminum flat bottom with aluminum lid
b. 2 cup flat bottom, original top
c. Full size, original top

Choice of 1 StarLyte burner with 1.5 ounce fuel capacity

a. StarLyte burner with lid
b. Modified StarLyte burner with lid

1 Combination Titanium Windscreen/Wood Stove

1 Stainless Steel Grate for wood burning mode.

1 Stainless steel "V" shaped pot support for wood stove mode (fits inside pot for storage)

1 Full size Stainless Steel Pot support for complete bottom of pot support.

1 "Esbitmizer" solid fuel esbit burner w/simmer capabilities. Includes 2 esbit cubes and 2 sheets of Carbon Felt(use with alcohol).

1 silicone Pot Grabber

1 Plastic fuel bottle 4.5 ounce capacity. Comes with 3 graduated fuel measuring cups, 1oz capacity

1 Dispensing cap for "HEET" fuel container.

1 Aluminum storage container with 2 plastic lids. Items that fit inside are the Esbitmizer, stainless steel pot support, stainless steel grate, StarLyte Burner and pot grabber.

1 Hinged plastic storage container for those of you that might be using cotton balls for tinder fire starter.

1 Tyvek stuff sack for storage of all items.

Cost for the kit is $83.50 plus $6.50 shipping and handling

Once you have made your payment thru paypal checkout you can communicate with me via my email address that is seen on the paypal transaction sheet. It is then you can let me know what Foster can and StarLyte burner you want.

 Testing in the wood burning mode.

Showing how to load stove