Starlyte XL3

Cost:   $23.00 + $4.00 shipping NOT SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.......SORRY

3" Diameter at the lid
1-3/8" in height
Weight including lid: 0.9 ounce (25/26 grams)
Fuel holding capacity is 3 fluid ounces in suspension. Will not spill out if accidentally knocked over. Very favorable feature in areas of "fire bans"
Body is made of food grade aluminum and has stainless steel mesh screen over the ceramic absorbing material. Has copper wick in center for easy ignition in extreme cold weather.
The XL3 is a good choice for cooking and/or boiling water in pots that are 900ml and larger.
Comes with tight fitting plastic lid that prevents vaporization of left over fuel. No need to empty unused fuel after boiling your water, just blow out the burner, let cool and then cover with lid. Lid should NOT be used to snuff out burner. Caution, Burner gets HOT
Photo below shows size comparison to original Starlyte burner