"The StarLyte Stove"  

Made in the USA! 

The unique feature of this burner is the material under the stainless steel mesh. It is the same material that is used in the manufacturing of the popular Swedish marine alcohol stoves that are commonly seen on Ebay


Read all about the StarLyte on Whiteblaze.net how it was designed and became popular with the backpackers here in the United States and many European countries.



  • The StarLyte weighs in at 16.4 grams. That is the combined weight of the burner and pot stand.

  • Burner is made of aluminum and has an integrated  stainless steel pot support.
  • Fuel capacity is 1 ounce in suspension
  •   Boils 2 cups of 69 degree water in 6 1/2 min.
  • Used 1/2 ounce of denatured alcohol to boil 2 cups of water.(always use windscreen for best fuel efficiency) results may vary according to conditions and pot used.

You get:

  • One StarLyte Stove
  •  Flexible measuring cup
  • Instruction Sheet


Not shipping Internationally


Modified Burner StarLyte Stove

Same basic stove as above but gives better performance with small diameter pots such as the SP600 and Flat Bottom Foster Pots. Has smaller opening, burns slower.

Holds 1 ounce of fuel in suspension so it won't spill out.

Photo shows Modified StarLyte on the right.

Same items furnished as with regular StarLyte.

Not shipping Internationally