I think I've come to a conclusion.

These items I would like to have in my personal kit.

Waterproof Tinder (Dependable)

2 sources of sparks. The Spark-Lite and the small ferrocerium rod.

Single edge razor blade which will be my "steel" for making sparks with the rod. You can refer back to one of the videos that show me lighting cotton balls in this manner. Razor blade is multi-purpose.

Lanyard with Ferro Rod attached(3 foot length used). The Spark-Lite can also be attached to it via the brass swivel. Lanyard can also be used as tinder. (refer to video to see how easy it lights with a spark.

Small white container for the carry of a few strike anywhere matches and medications that might be helpful in a survival situation.

Survival Mirror.

The small plastic box contains the single edge razor, lanyard and ferro rod. It is wrapped with heavy duty black electrical tape. The tab of tape has a stainless steel washer embedded in it to reinforce the hole that the nickle plated clip is attached to. The clip can be attached to the lanyard.

A heavy duty vinyl luggage ID case is used to contain 15 pieces of tinder, the Spark-Lite and the rigid acrylic signal mirror. The vinyl case is sealed with heavy duty electricians tape and has a tab extending over the edge for easy opening when necessary.

Visit bplite.com to learn more about the SPARK-LITE survival fire starter kit.


I'VE MADE UP A FEW OF THESE KITS AND DECIDED TO OFFER SOME HERE AT ZELPHS-STOVEWORKS All the above items are included in the kit and they are seen in the photos below.

COST OF THE KIT IS $20.00 + $4.00 shipping........ Use the paypal button below for payment. Thank You!

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