These pot lifters are a new addition to the Ridgeline Foster Pot series. 

You can order one along with a Foster pot and I will install it for you at no charge.

 You can purchase one to install yourself on a previous purchased Ridgeline Foster Pot. Instructions will be included.

 If you have a wide mouth 2 cup flat bottom foster pot I do not recommend you install it yourself. Damage may occur.

The weight of the pot lifter is 13 grams

Pot lifter remains on the pot during storage. No need to remove it. User friendly.

The pot lifter can also be used with Heineken cans as seen in the video below.

The cost of the pot lifter is $7.50 which includes shipping and handling. Use the paypal button below.

Select the appropriate install choice "Zelph install" or "You install"

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