I've added ridgelines to the walls of the Fosters can to increase dramatically it's strength.

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Color Options

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Color Options

This is the new reduced height version. It's capacity is 2 cups with plenty of head room so the water won't boil over the rim.

The rim has an aluminum ring for added strength.  It comes with a lid (not shown)

1st ridge from bottom marks 1 cup

4th ridge from bottom marks 2 cups

Weight is 20 grams (Heineken weighs 28 grams)

Height is 4.5 inches

I have these in blue color only for now.

Cost is $17.00 + $3.00 shipping

(Heineken can not included, shown for size only)

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This is the new 1 cup version "Generic" can.

 The new 1 cup can is now available

The one cup capacity weighs 14 grams. (the foster weighs 16 grams)

fits inside small ziploc container(not shown or included)

Comes with aluminum lid and silicone lip guard.

See the Accessory page for items useful with the Ridgline cans.

Watch the video below for information.

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No International Orders on the generic 1 cup can, sorry