Introducing the "EsbitLyte" burner.

A new burner has been developed to meet the needs of those wanting to use solid fuels such as Esbit tablets.

In the video I use 2 four gram tablets to show that no gooey residue is left on the bottom of your pot and how little residue is left inside the burner.

A tight fitting cap/lid is provided for when the burner is stored.

A light weight, flexible  sheet is provided for placement under the burner during wet or snow conditions. Has a highly reflective surface for radiant heat to be reflected to the burner and pot.

Rim of burner is reinforced to prevent distortion  when stored.

Total weight of the 3 pieces is 15 grams.

A simmer can be achieved by partially covering air intake holes.

Place burner 2" from ground to pot bottom.

Cost is $13.50 + $4.00 Shipping and Handling  ($10.00 shipping for International Orders)

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