Brian Green Esbit Tray


Cost is $9.95 + shipping

For the ultimate in Super Ultra Light Esbit burning accessory.

Made of 309 Stainless Steel withstands 2,100 degrees heat.

Esbit produces  1,400 degree heat.

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You Get

1 - Stainless steel tray (1 gram)

1 -  Infra red radiant heat reflector to maximize heat to tray for maximum efficiency of fuel combustion. (1 gram)

1 - Container with lid for storage of tray and heat reflector. (2 grams)

No longer able to ship Esbit tablets......sorry..

Tray and reflector disc fit nicely inside plastic container for storage inside your pot.

Can be used with a variety of cooking set-ups. Use your own creation or commercially available units to support your pot. I have light weight stainless steel pot supports available also. Email me for more info on those. Ideal distance from top of esbit to bottom of pot is between 1.5" to 1.750"MADE IN THE USA    MADE IN